All cafe visitors will be required to complete a waiver absolving The Scratching Post, Cherished Cats Rescue Alliance Inc, and all board members and volunteers of responsibility for injury, damages, loss, or expenses incurred as a result of participation in the cat cafe. Cats are live animals and therefore inherently unpredictable, and while we make every effort to ensure the safety of the cats and their human visitors, it cannot be assured.

Waivers can be signed upon arrival at the cafe, or can be printed here and signed in advance. Children must be at least five years old to enter the cafe. Minors twelve and older may visit the cafe without the accompaniment of a parent/guardian, but must have a valid signed waiver (with them or on file) and be responsible and well-behaved. 

Minor Waiver (Children five and older are permitted in the cafe, but must be accompanied and well-supervised by a parent or guardian at all times. Children must be well-behaved and are expected to follow the posted rules.)

Adult Waiver (Adults can be any age, but are also required to be well-behaved and follow the rules.) 

The  Scratching Post rules are as follows:

1.      Please do not feed the cats any human food, even if they beg. We feed them plenty, we promise.

2.      Adults please supervise your children. Children please supervise your adults. No running or horseplay.

3.      Please do not pick up cats. If they want to be held they will jump on your lap (or head, or face). Just go with it.

4.      Do not steal a cat. Feel free to adopt one (or two!)

5.      Please limit your time to one hour so everyone gets a turn.

6.      What happens at the cat café stays at the cat café (although ideally on Facebook and Instagram as well).

7.      Do not pull a cat’s tail, ears, whiskers or other appendage. They may bite and so will we!

8.      Take lots of pictures to share, but please refrain from using flash.

9.      Please do not wake a sleeping cat. It makes them angry. No one likes an angry cat.

10.   Please use your inside voice. Loud noises and screaming scares a cat (as well as humans). 

11.   Do not bring any other animals into the café. We are not hosting kitty UFC here…

12.  The Scratching Post reserves the right to remove any individual from the café at any time.

          Violators of the rules will be warned, possibly with a squirt bottle, and persistent violation of these rules will not be tolerated.