Pat's Fund is named in loving memory of Pat O'Connell, who loved many cats in her lifetime. She is greatly missed, but her legacy lives on through this fund, which is used to help cover the expenses of rescued cats who need medical care above and beyond the norm. For example, many kittens come into rescue with severe eye infections, and occasionally lose an eye that is too far gone to be saved. Others have significant dental disease that requires extractions, or orthopedic issues that can only be corrected with surgery. At the discretion of the Cherished Cats Board of Directors, rescued cats in need of substantial veterinary care will be eligible for coverage through Pat's Fund. In order to be eligible, cats must be in the possession of a participating rescue; at this time personally owned cats cannot be covered through Pat's Fund.

You can make a donation to Pat's Fund via the PayPal button below. You do not need to have a PayPal account to donate.  


Shrimpy’s Wall


Pat’s Fund is supported by donations made to Shrimpy’s Wall at The Scratching Post. Shrimpy’s wall is dedicated to the memory of our dear Shrimpy, one of our cafe cats, who unfortunately passed away during a veterinary procedure. Shrimpy had been rescued in Sunbury be a loving individual who saw he needed help. Shrimpy had surgery to address a significant abscess and she nursed him back to health prior to him joining the cats at The Scratching Post. Thanks for her kindness he knew love and comfort prior to his passing, as will many future cats aided by Shrimpy’s Wall and Pat’s Fund. If you're making a donation for Shrimpy's Wall at The Scratching Post, please be sure to indicate in the "Additional Info" section if you'd like a rainbow added to the wall in honor or memory of someone special (feline, human, or otherwise). Thank you! 

Some of the cats Pat was owned by: