Jan has a long history with cats starting at age five when she received “Snow Dot”(a pure white cat with a black dot on her head, rescued from a farm in Oregon) in a box for her birthday. Little did her parents know that they would have a houseful of “orphans” after that. Since moving to Pennsylvania, Jan has been involved with SUN P.E.T.S. organization as a board member and volunteer, helped launch Cherished Cats Rescue Alliance, and now co-coordinates the Cherished Cats Rescuers’ cats on display for adoption at the Selinsgrove Petsmart store, and cares for a feral colony in Montour County (22 cats spayed/neutered/vaccinated – and no new babies x 3 summers!). Jan’s husband has been incredibly patient and supportive of their 6 pet cats, their 2 semi-feral (neutered) male cats who are well cared for but prefer to live outside, their rotation of foster cats currently awaiting adoption, their occasional “overnight guests” (recuperating from spay/neuter procedures prior to release) as well as the local colony.